Boing!!!!! Got it wrong — again!

Listen, can MLB start to teach it’s replay Umps just a little about physics?

Can we not get something right?

Sometimes all you need to do when judging a round sphere like a baseball is just watch the way it reacts. That should line up more with your decision that most anything but in this case – especially.

In this case I’m talking about Adam Duvall’s homer (that wasn’t a homer) much like Joey Votto’s homer that wasn’t a homer last year (which is a couple of posts below). You can tell by the way the ball bounces and not just from where it looks like it hit on the yellow line.



Although, that yellow line shouldn’t be where it is anyways – but that’s another issue,  another post.

If you look below you can see the Votto homer that wasn’t below. This is basically the same kind of thing – although it is much closer than Votto’s. The key is to watch not only where it hits but how it bounces after it hits. If the ball hits on the side of the wall it will glance downwards; and if the ball bounces upwards it hit on the top of the wall. In this case the wall is padded so it’s even harder to tell if it’s a homer just by watching where it hits.



But it’s the same as in V’s homer last year; the ball bounces up and that is not going to happen when a ball is going downwards toward the ground. The ball will not bounce up unless it meets a force which makes it do that.

MLB, please train your umps.

To all of the umps both in the park, and in the Shroud of New York Studios who secretly review:



What Can Boxing Reviving Teach Us About Baseball Dying?

I did something last night that I haven’t done for – I don’t know … what? 30 years?

I watched live boxing on the TV.

I’m giving my age away but…

Does anyone remember the great fights of the 70’s?

I sure do and I guarantee you that anyone that saw some of the Ali vs Frazier fights, or the Rope a Dope fight and recalls with vivid remembrance of how Howard Cosell got so excited as Frazier went down! Frazier went down!!! The drama and excitement of other sports moments pales in my mind’s recall to some of those … but what happened to more of those moments?

Then it occurred to me.

Whatever happened to boxing? I had completely forgotten all about it.

Oh, I know it went to PayPerView and it died. Now we don’t even know what boxing is much less its history and how we got to here — which I freely admit, I don’t know what’s going on in boxing. All I know is that its never on TV and other things are and so, I’ve either become a fan of that or I’ve filled my days with other things.

Which brings me to baseball.

All this talk and talk about baseball games being too long and no one’s watching them anymore and blah, blah, blah.

Nobody’s watching what? Is baseball on? I think I see about a dozen games on TV the whole year and most of them are playoffs which, I’m not really interested in although I would’ve like to watch the saga of the Kansas City Royals last year but … they weren’t on TV.

Oh, I’m sure they were on some station that I don’t get but how many do? And, for the record, I did watch the Series last year but honestly I just wasn’t as interested because I don’t know what’s going on in baseball anymore.

All I know is baseball is broke and no one’s going to fix it and — worse — they’re all going to pretend that its just fine. And worse, now they think, oh, its because the games are lasting too long because we’ve got too many commercials in them …

No, Baseball’s going to die. It’ll be just like Boxing died.

The official death will be Blindness from Greed.

Let’s face it, folks — Baseball is on the same fast track to Death just like Boxing was – say, in the 80’s when their PPV matches were raking in millions!! But the sport itself died.


Well, I hate to be Captain Obvious here but since I hear no talk of this anywhere that I listen to — I’ll just come out and say it.

The kids aren’t watching it. There are no kids in front of the TV with their dads watching their heroes play for the home team anymore. So, then that means there are fewer and fewer kids that go to the ball park with their dads and that means that they won’t even know how to explain the game of baseball to their kids in the future. But they can teach them all the levels on Halo.

What Baseball is experiencing now is just a result of taking baseball off of TV and what you hear from all the Baseball Execs doesn’t matter a hill of beans. Do you think they’re going to admit their huge mistake and take a paycut to let little kids watch their games when they can explain it in another way that people will actually swallow and blog about?

I don’t think you know how things work in this world, if you swallow that swill for more than a minute.

You can’t watch baseball any more on regular TV, and if a statistician wants to go back and look at dwindling number of viewers he can show that the time will more than back me up on this.

Boxing, on the other hand, is years ahead of baseball. It will now enjoy a boxing boom of — not only viewers — but also kids who want to be boxers. Why? Because they can now watch it with their dads and it’ll be a part of their life that they cherish.

Baseball has a hard lesson to learn and its looking at all the wrong places.

Time Out!!! Another Blown Call, Another Blown Replay Review?!!

I hate complaining.

I use to get smacked when I was a kid for complaining. I saw my brothers get smacked for it.

I attest that this is fact. When I learned what “radius” meant, my credo was “Don’t step inside the radius!”

So, much as it goes against my upbringing, I must voice, rant, rebel against this machine that doesn’t work.

Oh, everyone’s so happy for it finally coming to baseball …. but what good is it when they have nothing but rookies at the helm?

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, These are professional umpires, they know what they’re doing (well, maybe not). But they don’t know what I see. I see a ball bouncing one way on the video (here: ) then actually bouncing another way in a different direction and I notice the spin has changed or been interfered with!

I got news for you folks, this is not what they’re looking for.

They are like you. They have no idea what I just said. They say things like “that’s absurd” as if that proves their point. They base it on only one thing and that’s what happened to the ball …. eventually.

No, I say, NO! A thousand times NO!!!

That isn’t what happened — here’s what happened:


As you can plainly see, the ball is atop the yellow line.

That, my sad Reds fans, is a homer!

Joey Votto should be awarded a home run on his stats at the very least.

If you watch the replay, the ball rebounds high in the air with over-spin on it. Why over-spin? Because after landing on top of the wall it hit a bar which changed the direction to up and back, instead of just straight down (remember the trajectory was that the ball was going out and down at this point) back onto the field. If you’ve ever tossed a hardball against the wall its a lot like hitting the ground before the wall instead of hitting the wall first. You can actually prove what the ball hit first by its reaction and direction!

Just grab some 9 year old kid who has driven his mom half crazy with the incessant pounding of the ball on the wall. He’ll tell you. Don’t ask a “highly qualified” Major League Umpire who has gone through all the schools so he can keep his accreditation up to date. They don’t (obviously) have a clue.

The umps get things like a separation of a foot and a bag, most of the time (see the post just before this about a blown call worse than this!) back at the NY headquarters but when it comes to these types of things they’re rookies and they make rookie errors. When a ball changes direction and there is something in the way, as there was here, its usually because it hit that thing in the way. They obviously didn’t see that there was a bar in the way here and for all we know, they didn’t take the time to check it.

If they would’ve just listened to the Home -Boy announcer they would have been helped to see that there was a bar right behind where the homer was hit!!!

If I were the Reds management I would paint the top of that wall a darker color so that the Ump — let’s just call him Stevie Wonder — can be hoped to see when a ball actually lands on top of that wall. I would definitely paint those bars another color also, just to make sure that Stevie can see it when they’re (he’s) viewing the replay.

I guess that’s all I should say, I feel as if I’m approaching The Radius.

Til next time,

Let’s get a Stevie Wonder dressed up as an umpire in the replay control room Bobblehead Night!

Homeboy was right!

Blown Review – Is It Worth It? Or Is It Cincinnati?

File it under … Huh??!!  

(yeah, its as big as they let me make it here! to my knowledge. WordPress leaves a lot to be desired) 


Okay, is it me or am I just a tired of it, as much as I can take of it all — Cincinnatian? 


Price said after the game (of which he was ejected because … well, that’s just the way it is … sorry ’bout your luck)

“We’re not going to take that!” 

So, there! New Yourk! Yeah, I know, we don’t know who you are. The MLB does not require, nor is it permissible to announce the umpires who are in the booth in New Yourk who — without face — announce thumbs up or thumbs down. I thought such anonymity was exclusive to the “high trolls” of the internets!

We can, with a lot of work and time, try to deduce by eliminating all the possible suspects and come up with a group who were not in attendance at any of the games but why bother?  

Why aren’t their names announced like all the other umpires? 




This thing didn’t work we call replay, and it didn’t work in a very mysterious way.  They blew an easy call!

Now, what can it be?

Is it just the same thing it always is?  It was Cincinnati, and they beat us in 1976 in a 4 game sweep, and then they celebrated on the field, and we’re never going to forgive them? 

Is ML Baseball so broke that they can’t have a small market team even afford to get a break? 

Oh yeah, its Pete Rose’s town. He didn’t break down and cry and beg and crawl on his knees to those at the Commish’s Office so all questionable calls forever go to the other team!!!

Is that what this is really all about?!!! 

Is it that someone in the umpires rotation needs his eyes examined? Can it be that simple? 

Why is there no statement by MLB on this? 

The silence is deafening. 

Will any answers be given? I don’t know but honestly don’t you think that the Red’s manager Brian Price is going to question whether or not going to replay will do any good the next time? 

All we here in Cincinnati know is that it happened to us … again. 



Votto Has His Swing Back!

I have seen something recently.

Votto’s got it going on!

His effortless swing his back. I saw a little of it last year but nothing like now. I remember a couple of years ago I saw him hit a towering Home Run to Center field and it didn’t look like he swung at all.

He just has that great timing that you rarely see. He can hit the ball a long way and never break a sweat doing it.

He has it back!


Of course, batting behind Hamilton isn’t hurting and we didn’t think it would. Now pitchers have to come into him and … they’re worried!

Votto said earlier in the day that Hamilton protects him. Well, I think he does more than protect him. Hamilton give him the gift of a good chance of a fast ball coming Joey’s way!

Obviously, they’re making mistakes. The homer on Wednesday’s day game was a big mistake. Pittsburgh’s catcher had to move his glove too far toward the middle of the plate to think it was anything but a mistake. I think we’ll see a lot of mistakes this year get hit hard and Votto, at least, looks primed for a good year.

But this also could have an effervescent affect on the rest of the team as well. Pitchers can’t cheat anymore on Votto (who walked a lot last year and the other teams were fine with that) — as much anyway. They may have to try it and if Hamilton steals early in the count they may adjust and not pitch to Votto again but then there might be two on and no one out.

Nobody likes that.

They will have to pitch to BP then and if Brandon makes them pitch to him, then things can get really shaky with Bruce up next.

But these are things that haven’t been part of the opposition’s brain waves in the recent years. Their pulse is quickening a little. The heart pounds deeply.

Thinking ahead ruins the present sometimes and that’s what this lineup encourages.

Redsageddon Everyone!


What Happened At The Masters?

The Masters – what happened?

Did anyone else notice the lack of back nine roars from the crowds?

Actually, more front nine action happened than back-nine.

Very disappointing!

Whoever set the course up set it up like the PGA sets theirs up. That’s not why we watch The Masters folks. We watch it simply because its like no other golf tournament throughout the year.

Indeed, the PGA and the USGA have nothing to do with it — which is/was another reason I liked it. But now it looks like someone or something has finally crept in and taken out the most enjoyable couple of hours of golf during the year.

Too bad.

I’m not taking anything away from Bubba Watson. He won, that’s fine. But someone changed the normal last day pin placements and that’s not fine. Not with me it isn’t.

Whoever did that needs to resign.

Remember a few years ago when Rory fell for the front nine and there was just a barrage of lead changes on the back nine? I do. I didn’t leave my seat!

Do you know what makes that possible?

The pin placements.

These guys know those hole locations, they know the breaks, they know where to put the ball on the par 5’s so they have a good chance at eagle coming down the stretch.

What is wrong with that?

Is is luck? Like some say the US Open is and, why not? They are, at times, playing on near dead greens. Greens that are really Browns! The ball rolls on them, hits a bump and sometimes it goes in but most of the times it rolls 6 feet past.

What a test of skill, huh?

That is or wasn’t The Masters.

Those greens are true and about as perfect as they get here in this fallen world but with experience being everything there; it about counted for very little.

How many eagles were there on the Par 5’s on Sunday on the back nine?

No roars, no lead changes … nothin’!

In their concerted effort to make Augusta National harder … they’ve made it too hard.

Its too long, certainly the 11th is too long. I don’t know about you but after seeing guys bail to the right at 11 all week … I never want to see it again!


I remember guys going for that green on their approach shot all the time. Now, its just a layup shot. Get up and down for your par or, at the worst, bogey.

Real exciting, guys.

The Masters has obviously been infiltrated. The one Golf Tournament of the year that was sheer joy to watch and … they’ve lot their way. They use to garner ratings that were twice that of any other tournament but I wonder what their ratings were this year?

Does anyone know?

If you do leave it in the comments.

This was just one man’s rant, for what its worth.

Masters, we missed you this year. 


Redsageddon?!! Votto Batting Second!!!

And they asked the prophetess Marge; 

When shall be the time of the end? 

And she answered and said:

Before the Moon shall be turned to Blood; 

In the Valley of Cin. 

When the Third shall be Second; 

The End shall begin. 

From: Schott in the Dark; Chapter 2 verse 3 through 10


Okay, today we have an anomaly in the Red’s lineup.

Are the ancient prophecies lining up?

Joey Votto is batting second.

Is this the end of Red’s baseball as we know it?

Has Baker’s stranglehold on the line-up and the … ahem … strategy, finally been relinquished?!

Only time will tell.

Let’s face it the book on the Red’s has been out for a while and let me help by giving it to you in the Reader’s Digest version:

  • When facing the Reds, if your pitcher gets into any trouble remember that there are safety holes in the Reds’ line-up. 
  • Do not pitch to Votto, don’t give him anything to hit at any time. 
  • Pitch to those in front or behind him. You’ll have success the majority of the time. 
  • If facing BP, let him foul the ball off twice then throw a curve ball in the dirt. 
  • If in trouble do not pitch to Bruce, there are those either before him or after him which are havens of safety. 

And that’s all you really need to know about the Reds’ line-up for that last 2 years, at least.

Why haven’t they been about to score all that well? Because teams know this. Everybody knows this. I asked some kid, whose bike still had training wheels, about the Reds’ lineup and he knew this.

It’s pretty obvious.

Why has it taken a manager in the bigs so long to change this? (I mean, how many 1 run ballgames have we had? What is our record?!!)

Its the risk from operating out of “the norm”.

Worked for Dusty though, didn’t it?

Which, I have to admit, they have gotten into the playoffs but where have they gone from there?

Nowhere. Back home … We’ll get’em next year.

Granted not all the holes are filled with the line-up today but let’s see what happens if Hamilton gets on (I’ll handle that in a later post) and then they have to decide if they really want to pitch Votto the “standard way”, or have 2 men on base with no one out.

BP will be the key in that situation. Will he wait to get his pitch, or will he fall for the same old, same old? Either way he has Bruce behind him and they certainly will have to make up their minds about that.

Either way, the other side will have to think about it. They’ll be in uncharted territory and that’s always a good thing for the home team.

I’ll be watching today.

It should be interesting.